Sunday, August 10, 2014

"Week 2, The Best Yet" (Weekly Email - August 4, 2014)

~ I just wanted to say that Michelle got to her mission just fine! She arrived to San Antonio with 30 other missionaries! Super Exciting! These are some tidbits from her email from last Monday! I'll be posting her email we receive this upcoming week much quicker! :) ~

hello everyone! it is me again, and I'm the happiest girl around! I can't believe that I already leave this Wednesday morning for Texas! Where the cuss has all of the time gone? I have loved my time here. It has seriously been the best thing evahhh.
This week was full of good times and hard times and laughs. I'll try to remember everything to write about.

Class this week was really good, but struggle city to stay awake. Haha we wake up everyday at 6:15 to start study by 7, so we get sooo tired. But it's all fun. My teacher Sister Smith thinks we get a little wild, and makes us pray to calm down and stuff. Haha. She's pretty serious. Sorry our district loves each other so much, Sister Smith! #sorrynotsorry. The funniest thing in class this week was during class time with Brother Buahin. We were taking a break to keep us awake, and I started stretching. Brother Buahin decided to teach me some Tai Chi (or something like that? it's like yoga). So we're doing it together when suddenly he yells and grabs his back. He like pulled a muscle teaching me how to stretch. Hahaha. SO funny. 

But in all seriousness we learn so much in class, and the practice is great. 

Thursday we had in-field orientation, which was really good, but incredibly long and boring. sorry, i had to say it. they could've taught us that stuff in like 2 hours, but i literally took 8 hours. it was torture. they let out each district to do a reading assignment, and our district was laying all over the benches and some elders fell asleep. haha. good times.

our tuesday night devotional was with John H. Groberg, so that was amazing. He emphasized the importance of testimony, and bearing it in many different ways. Through music, how we act, what we say, how we pray, etc. It was amazing. We've been able to bear testimony so much this week, and a lot of it has been inspired from that talk. we loved it so much. 

lately sister best and I have a thing for cereal. a lot of it. We basically eat it with every meal. haha. It makes us really happy.

last night we watched the Character of Christ talk by Elder Bednar again, and it's just soooo good. Please watch it. It really puts things in perspective, and makes you focus less on yourself. When the rest of us would turn in and feel bad for ourselves, Christ would turn out and help others. It's so good.

This week we also finished memorizing the first vision, our purpose, and our mission scripture, so that was fun. Sister Best and I like to walk around as we memorize. we walk the grounds of the MTC and sometime we hold onto the fence and look out at the real world. Haha. It's nice to see the sun and the clouds sometimes. 

Sorry this is so long, I just have so much to say!

Every night we gather as a district outside to talk and pray and it's the best time. We are all so close, and the SLC East and San Antonio are so lucky to be getting these elders and sister best. We're already planning on having a district reunion when we're all home. I'm SO sad to leave them all, but i'm so thankful i got to know them. it was no coincidence that we were all together, i love them so much.

Okay like a few more things then I'll end this.

This week what we learned in class was the gospel of Jesus Christ. Why had it never clicked to me before how much sense it makes and how simple it is? Man, it's SO great. Study that chapter in PMG. read the scriptures. study it for real.

second, the song Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing has been in my head ALL week. so please listen to the Sufjan Stevens version of it, because it's beautiful. and someone please send me the lyrics because i don't really have a way to get them. Thanks.

Also thank you for the letters and packages. you are all the greatest people. wednesday morning we report to the travel office at 4:35.  4:35 AM!!! if that's not devastating, i don't know what is. but heyooo i get to call home! so it'll be fun, and I can't wait to get to texas and meet the president! it's so soon!

I love all of you SO very much, thank you for the support!! Ill try to send some pics again. LOVE YOU ALL!!! 

-Sister Snyder

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