Sunday, August 3, 2014

The MTC (Weekly Email - July 28, 2014)

Wow, hello everyone! I am at the MTC and I am absolutely loving it! I have learned SO much since being here, (which feels like 20 years). In my opinion, everyone needs to come to the MTC for at least a week, because you learn a ton!

On Wednesday I got dropped off, and my tummy was turning and I was so scared, but as soon as I started walking away from the fam, I felt good. And ever since then, I've felt like 0% unsure or homesick in anyway. It's been so nice and I've been so blessed.

The first day is pretty wild. Haha. Within 10 minutes of being dropped off, I was carrying a bag of books, wearing my nametag(eeeep!! i love it), dropped my bags off, and was sitting in a classroom introducing myself. Then we went to a huge welcome devotional with the MTC president, which was way good. It's the little things around here that really get me. Like when they change the words in a song to "we are now the Lord's missionaries, to bring the world his truth". Sob city. Haha. But after that we ate dinner literally at 4:15. SO EARLY. then we unpacked and went to this thing where we met with all of these investigators and kind of got a feel for that. It really gets you thinking about what your own investigators will be like. So cool, but so scary.
That night it took a while to fall asleep, there was just so much going through my mind. and Sister Stevens in my room threw up at like 12:30. Haha. Poor sister. The next morning we were planning on looking good and stuff...then our alarms didn't go off and we woke up at 6:50. Hahaha. Noooo. So we hurried and got ready and made it to study time a little late. So dad, that's what the first day is like.

My companion is Sister Best from Orem and she is, dare I say...the best. Haha. We are SO alike it's not funny. She is super cool and chill and #yolo and we have a great time everyday studying together and laughing. Mostly we laugh at my district.

My district consists of 5 companionships, Sister Best and I, and 4 elder companionships. Most of us are going to San Antonio, and 3 elders are going to Salt Lake City East. All but one of them just graduated high school, and they are the strangest, goofiest people, and we just die laughing everyday at them. It's super great getting along with them all so well, because it makes class so fun. We like to ask them hard or personal questions to make them freak out. It's a good time.

My teachers are Brother Buahin from Ghana(he has a sick accent), and Sister Smith. They are the best teachers evaaaa. When we start to get sleepy(all of the time) Brother Buahin makes us stretch and do yoga. He's the best. The other day while we were doing an activity, he set his iphone on my desk. when we sat down, he looked at me all schocked, and was like "Sister!! You brought a phone with you?!!" It was so funny. 

Sorry this email is super long. but not really. 

We have 2 investigators, Sonja, from Yutica(sister smith). She has no belief in God, but has been to church for the past 8 months with her boyfriends family. We got her to start praying and she's committed to baptism once she knows it's true. So hooray! And tonight we meet with Devan for the first time for TRC, so we'll see how that goes! She's either a real investigator or not, we don't know. But we're excited to meet her!

The schedule here is insane. We are busy ALL day long, and then they assign us more things to do, with no time to do it. But it all works out. #blessed
I think they're raising us for slaughter, because we go to class, eat, go to class, eat, go to class eat, and go to class. They're trying to fatten us up and I won't have it! Jokes we get PE 5 times a week for like 40 minutes. Haha.  And our classroom is on the 4th floor, so we have very strong legs around here. 

Thank you family for the package! You know i love those sourpatch watermelons!

I've seen a lot of old ward members around here and people from high school, so that's fun!

Yesterday was waaaay good. I'm not a believer in "Make it until sunday and you'll be fine", because I love every day here, but you know, it was incredibly good. We started with studying, then had relief society. Only at the MTC does Sheri Dew teach your relief society and teach about the priesthood. It was SO good. #dontordainwomen. We also sang this missionary version of As Sisters in Zion that Janice Kap Perry wrote a while ago. Go look up the words, it's super good. So that was lots of fun. Then we had zone meeting. My branch president is President Towsey. His counselor is from Lehi, holler. The best thing Pres. Towsey said yesterday was that if we feed our faith our doubts will starve to death. So feed your faith! Then we had sacrament meeting, lunch, and then we were FREE. we got to walk to the temple. Haha. It felt so good. 

I have some good pics to send, but this computer is being weird so it might not let me send them.

Anyway after temple walk we went to devotional which was great, then watch Elder Bednar's(Dad's) talk, The Character of Christ. Please go look it up and learn good things from it. It seriously changed some of my outlook of why I'm even serving a mission. So Sunday was great. 

We pray for everything around here. All the time. We had to pray before we started our gym time the other day. Hahaha. But it's so good to pray so much!

Again, sorry this is so long, trying to get my thoughts out!

This morning we went to the temple as a district, so that was fun. I saw the newest video of them all! hooray! it was really good, but i still like that other one better. But the Provo temple is really pretty and it was nice to do a session here. and to go out into the real world. haha.

Sister Best and I have been working really hard at studying the Restoration, and it's been so great. Y'all need to read it in Preach My Gospel, but read it all. The scriptures it assigns and everything. It's SO important and so good to know. I feel like I understand apostasy and the restoration in a way i never have. future missionaries, study PMG. memorize the first vision, it'll help you loads! I have learned so much these past 5 days, it's amazing. If i didn't know that the church was true before, I without a doubt do now. It is so vital and we are so blessed to have it. I'm scared to go teach others, but I can't wait to share this good news with them. 

I have had the best week. It's hard because I'm tired and overwhelmed, but I have never felt so happy and at peace with the knowledge of who I am and my purpose here than I have this past week. This gospel is absolutely true. Read the Book of Mormon. Study the Book of Mormon. Keep learning new things, and keep trying to be like Christ. That's what I'm trying to do right now. I'm so thankful to be a missionary at this time. So, so thankful. It's already blessed my life in more ways than I can count, just from the knowledge I've gained and experiences I've had.

I love you all so much and I hope that you have a great week!

Love, Sister Snyder

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  1. Congrats to Sister Snyder! How exciting. I noticed her red striped dress in a few pictures but with different faces - Downeast Sale maybe? LOL It looks better on Michelle anyway. Mazeltov!