Thursday, August 28, 2014

Texas Week 3: The Bikes, The Water, The Zone Meeting

Hey all y'all!

First off, congratulations to my two dear friends! Jessica leaves to the MTC this Wednesday, and Courtney should get her mission call on Wednesday. Hooray!

This week went by crazy fast! But it was so much fun and very adventurous! I am doing fantastic and I'm just having the best time here in Texas! It's awesome! To be honest, I kept a really poor record of what we did this week, and it went by so fast that I'm struggling to remember! but i'll try! haha.

Monday: after p-day we headed out on our bikes! haha it was SO humid that night, and we felt like we were dying. also we ate chips and salsa, quesadillas, muffins, and other weird stuff so we felt totally awful. we stopped at a members house for water and they thought we were dying. haha. so that was a fun night!

Tuesday: We did some serious biking on Tuesday. We did knocking, visiting less actives, and biked some more. We also had to stop for water a few times to stay alive.  We had a really good lesson with our investigator from Ukraine, and she's recovering well from her surgery. I really think that she'll be baptized soon. We take a member that speaks Russian with us, so that's been a huge help to us with the language barrier. But we love her so much and she's such a funny lady! She gives names to all of the sisters, and she finally gave me one: Gnome. HAHAHA. She says I'm like a short little gnome that just sits and watches and i'm just little and cute. Hahaha i seriously died when she said that. So holler for being a gnome! We were also able to visit some members, which is always fun. I love  getting to know the people here! Also, some members took us to eat at Whataburger! So that was fun because everyone in Texas loves it. It was pretty good and it was fun to go with members. So I guess I'm officially a Texan now. Wooo

Wednesday: During study I just kept referring back to my little mission motto I decided on while in the MTC. One of the trainers there said it, and I don't know if he was quoting someone or not, but he said "Be present where your feet are planted." I love that. Wherever you are, do your best and don't be distracted or lose interest. Be all in 100% of the time and be present there. 
We did a lot of biking on Wednesday, and before we left the house, we decided that we needed to bring something with us....sweat rags. hahaha. so when we get off our bikes at peoples apartments or houses, we hurry and wipe down our faces and arms so we look somewhat okay. Haha it's sooo funny. But we had a really good dinner with some members, were able to visit LAs and meet new people, and our lesson with our investigator went really well. And thankfully again he gave us a ride home! These hills here in San Antonio (yes, they do exist) can be a killer sometimes. We are getting the ultimate workout every day, and I am seriously way tan. So it's fun exercise, and we get to see a lot of people when we stop for water! We guzzle water like nobody's business. And the bikes are great for talking to new people. So I'm actually really loving it! Haha. I kinda missed them these past few days when we were back in the car. Haha. #blessingindisguise

Thursday: We visited, knocked, the usual. We saw some people that were really great to see, they really needed us, so that was fun. We ate dinner with a family and we ate fish tacos and they were dang good! Mom and Dad, are you proud of me? I loved them!  So thursday was a good day!

Friday: Zone Meeting! Friday was so much fun. President Slaughter talked to us and did interviews, and he is just so great and so knowledgeable. It was awesome. We did a lot of other trainings and just discussed the importance of having confidence and opening our mouths. That's all we need to do, and it can be hard, but we need to do it. So it was really good and inspired us all to work harder and be better!

Saturday: the usual! visited people, met a really good spanish-speaking referral for the elders. overall, a solid day. Lots of people didn't answer, lots of people peeking out through their blinds, but it's all good! we'll get them someday. haha.

Sunday: always the greatest! meetings and church are always so good! and we got to visit different people and the sweetest members had us over. it was an awesome day.

So i am doing fantastic, and i think today we're going to take a nap! hooray!

I love y'all so much and i hope you have the greatest week! study the gospel always and remember how blessed you are!

-Sister Snyder

p.s. sorry no pics this week, i keep forgetting!! 

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