Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Texas Week 2: The Phone Call, The Storm, The Bites

Hey y'all!! I hope everyone is doing well! I of course had an awesome and adventurous week!

Monday: Pday was great. We emailed, had zone pday, then had dinner at a member's home so that was really great. Then we went to another members home for FHE and they took us to get frozen yogurt. (Mom that's who sent you the pictures, the Parsons!)

Side note: the whole time I've been here, I've been saying how much i want to try out my bike and how i really want it to rain soon.

Tuesday: We start off studying as usual, then we get the phone call. THE phone call. Dad, remember how you said that sisters don't ride bikes? Hahaha. We got a call that we're in a car share! So we ride our bikes half the week and drive the other half. So we share with another area. It is quiet the adventure, but it's actually pretty fun at the same time! It's BLAZING hot, so we just sweat and wear helmets and pray our skirts don't fly up! Haha. Oh man it's so funny. Sometimes we have to walk our bikes up hills, and while doing this, all of these ants started crawling on my feet and legs and biting me. Little devils. Anyway, so yes, BIKES. So later on Tuesday we visited less actives, and met with out investigator from the Ukraine. She's so great. So the night went on, we met with more less actives, and around 8 we headed over to Brother Green's house to get our bike locks cut with wire cutters so that we could bike the next day. On our way over, it started to rain. And now I know the true meaning of a rainstorm. It POURED rain. We went to Bro Green's and after like 5 minutes, his parking lot was a river. We were soaked and it was so funny. It rained and rained and finally let up and we headed home. Good times. Can't wait for the next storm!

Wednesday: We had district meeting which was super great. Thankfully other sisters gave us a ride, because the building we meet at is far. But the rest of the day, we biked! Not to be too worldly or anything, but we are getting dang good tans! We're like true missionaries with tanlines from our watches. Haha. We spent most of the day biking, but we did have a lesson with one of our other investigators and that went really well. So it was a good day!

Thursday: Study time( i read the ensign like errryday), other sisters came over while their companions were at a training meeting, so that was pretty fun! We met with some less active families, and had dinner with a member family. Then we went to see a few potentials. Most weren't home, but we did run into one while we were walking away from her door. Peggy is the sweetest old southern woman you could ever imagine meeting. Like seriously. She's like 80 and recently lost her 102 year old mother, and it was devastating for her. So we just stood outside and talked about Jesus and we prayed together and just had the best time. When we got back to the car, my legs were beyond itchy. So last week I had around like 10 mosquito bites. That night I went home and counted on my legs...41. Hahaha. 41 mosquito bites!! #itchcity. seriously though. it's awful and hysterical at the same time. I need those mitten things news babies use so they dont hurt themselves. so that's been really fun! they're healing up now, and i use bug spray like nobody's business.

Friday: To be honest I don't really remember what we did. Haha. Visited less actives and biked around. Dinner with members. We were out of Progress Records, which we needed for Sunday, so the zone leaders told us to meet them at the apartments they were knocking. So we bike like 5 miles to get there, sweating and having a good time. We get there, and they give us some referrals, which rocks. Then we asked for the progress records. They forgot them. Haha. Oh well, it was still worth the ride!

Saturday: we had an appointment with a potential and brought a member with us, and the lesson went really well. This woman really believes closely to what we do, and we were there for quite a while teaching her the plan of salvation and the restoration. It was awesome and the member really connected with her! so we'll see her again this week! After that we knocked a bit, then headed to the baptism of the Castle Hills B(southern) sisters investigator. It was so good and we're so happy for him! Then we had dinner with a member and visited some other members.

Sunday: I love Sundays here, because i love my ward so much! seriously they are all the greatest people. we have the sweetest old men in the ward and they love to talk to us. it's awesome. Sunday morning our investigator from Ukraine was given a blessing for her surgery today, and it went great. Church was amazing of course. Then we headed to dinner with some members, then went to go contact some referrals. One of them answered, and we taught her the whole restoration and we're going back again next week, so hooray for new investigators! yeee. 

so basically i had the best week! I seriously love it here. The sky is so big, the people are too nice, the dogs are a bit freaky, the bugs attack me/use me, but i so love what i'm doing. This is definitely the best decision I've ever made in my life, so thank y'all for supporting me. Please study the gospel hard, and pray for missionary opportunities! i love y'all!!

-Sister Snyder

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