Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Hello Y'all

Hello Y'all!!

This week I was blessed to witness many times the change of heart that happens within someone as they begin to align or realign their will with the Lord's. Lives change, people change, but the gospel doesn't, and that is why it is our safe anchor in all of this. We have seen how investigators begin to change and how they have proven to us that they are repenting. We can see it each time we meet that these children of a God are being converted. We have also been working consistently with many less actives, and getting down to their concerns and why they decided to be baptized in the first place. All of these people felt the Spirit and experienced some change at one point, and now they need to come back. We have been blessed to have very spirit led discussions with many of these returning less actives in which we have been able to help them resolve their concerns. We have been turning to Preach My Gospel for help with these concerns that come up, and how inspiring it is to see it all come together as we receive the help we need. We have a less active that has now come back and is attending activities, and he is strongly considering serving a mission. Last night we had a lesson with a man who feels that he has lost his testimony, but wants it back. We told him that he will gain it back as he does what is necessary, and invited him to read, pray, and come back to church. He accepted our invitation, and as he said the closing prayer, the Spirit was so strong. It is an absolute privilege, and a very humbling one at that, to witness the change that occurs in these people as they begin to repent and forsake. Last night we came out of that lesson with great gratitude for our calling and for these experiences that the Lord blesses us with.

I could not be any happier with how everything is going and with my mission experience. The Lord has blessed me in countless ways. I feel it every day that this is exactly where I am meant and needed to be. How grateful I am to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.

Have a wonderful week!

-Sister Snyder

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