Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Goodbye New Hope, Hello Palo Alto! (From 12/21/15)

Happy Monday! Merry Christmas! I can't believe it's Christmas this week! What a wonderful time to focus on Christ and to remember the greatest gift that any of us will ever, ever be given.

There is so much that has happened this week, and it has all been so wonderful! I'll jump right into it!

On Tuesday we dropped off Sister Angulo to head down to the border, then went and worked and had amazing lessons! The Lord truly is preparing people in many ways. Right before dinner on Tuesday we got transfer emails, and.....I saw that I was going. I was excited/sad but so ready to go wherever I was needed! I spent a few pretty late nights trying to pack and prepare everything for doubling out, but it worked out great. And it's always such a pleasure to work with the sweet sisters in Palm Valley. Hermana Gonzalez is a native, and while Hermana Boren was with another Sister at the church we went out to some appointments. Imagine it. Me not knowing where I'm going, we can hardly communicate, it was awesome, hahaha. Yes, we got lost, but we had a lesson and it all worked out. So many fun times!

It was so sad to say goodbye to New Hope. I love, love, love that place and the people there. It means so much to me, and I really feel like that's a place where I grew the most on my mission and really came to build my confidence and my testimony and understanding of who Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ truly are. I am eternally grateful for every day I spent there and for the people who helped to change my heart and help me become. I love being a missionary. At what other time would I get to be placed into all of these different places and get to meet these people and talk to them about the gospel? God knew where I needed to be, for me and for them.

Thursday morning was transfer meeting,  and I totally fit everything into my two suitcases and carry on! Woohoo. We went to the church building and when the meeting started, I could feel it in my bones that I was going back home to San Antonio to die. Haha. So they went through all of the Austin areas, I wasn't called, so I knew it was San Antonio! And then they announced where we were all going and I am now serving in the Palo Alto YSA branch in south San Antonio. My lovely companion is Sister Fullam from New Hampshire, and she is awesome! So focused, so FUNNY, and so, so humble! Everything is just so right! I am exactly where I need to be and I feel such a fire to give every ounce of everything every single day during this last transfer. I want to leave everything I can here. It's been such a great few days!

The branch is so great! There are so many wonderful and funny people here! YSA is definitely different than a family ward, but it's so incredible! They have all welcomed me right in and it's such a neat experience being here. We have a great branch president and members and it's just a good time. And the members are amazing at helping with the work. I'm so excited for what's ahead! Yesterday was our Christmas program and it was really good! There were 30 people there. So different, but so good! You get to know everyone and really work with

Our area covers quite a lot of ground. I'm forever confused on where we are, but it's been so fun. The other day we were in downtown San Antonio and it was so fun. It could be categorized under what some might call "sketchy", but we're careful about when and where we do things. Don't worry Mom! All is well. Also we get to cover some bases! Lackland AFB is one of them! Hoorah. Also, I thought I wouldn't be driving this transfer since it's my last, but alas, due to some circumstances, I am the driver. Haha. Also, the same car I had in New Hope was moved down here and I get to drive it still! Woo hoo.

We have been seeing MIRACLES with A Savior is Born. People's hearts are so soft at this time of year, and we have been able to share the video and cards and different messages with so many people each day! I invite each of you to share it again this week, to reach out to someone, and to love others. Reflect on what it means to YOU that a Savior has been born, and that a Savior lives today for YOU.

The words of the scriptures tell us that in Him all things(ALL things!) are fulfilled. I have learned for myself that that is nothing less than the most sure truth. As Elder Christofferson tells us in a conference talk, "The Savior makes all things right." The words we read from Preach My Gospel further testify of Him: "All that is unfair about life can be made right through the Atonement of Jesus Christ." I love Him, I adore Him, and I know, without a single doubt, that He lives.

I wish all y'all the happiest Christmas!!!

Love always,

Sister Snyder

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