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I never want to leave this place - August 10th, 2015

hello hello!!
happy monday to all of you! I hope you have all been enjoying your summer!
We had a wonderful week, yet again. There's never not a good week as a missionary. The blessings and miracles are countless and endless and the Lord's promises are so real. All of our investigators are doing well and I love how personal the gospel and the teaching of it is for each person. With Fong, we're focusing more on teaching her English now, which is so fun! With Aleigha, who is 8, we teach her with lots of visuals and activities, and with the Galavis family, we teach by answering their questions that are SO good. The gospel is so personal, because the Atonement of Jesus Christ is personal. Yes, He suffered for all mankind, but I don't think it was all at one time. It was very individual, one by one, and that is how He invites us to come unto Him today. It's what He did with the Nephites in the Book of Mormon (3 Nephi 11:13-17). And it's what He does with us now as we turn to Him through every heartache, feelings of inadequacy, sin, mistake, good thing, victory, learning experience, and miracle. He wants it all. He wants nothing held back, good or bad. President Slaughter brought up a few months ago that we shouldn't forget that it's not the Atonement that saves us, it is Christ! The two are not separate things, they are the same, and Christ loves all of us so much. 
On a different note, last year for my birthday, Syster Bateman sent me a gratitude journal that has a variety of prompts to write about, with the main focus being on expressing gratitude for what we have been given. This last week, I wrote in this journal a lot and focused on what I had been blessed with each day. Then I also wrote what I had learned each day. I want to share with y'all the little things that I was grateful for each day this last week, and what I learned. This may end up being a bit long, but I still want to share.
August 5th:
I'm grateful for: 1)Sister Storms and the great training on planning that she gave at district meeting today  2) to have learned 3 Nephi 5:13, our mission scripture in sign language from the ASL sisters  3) for the enthusiasm of new missionaries  4) for the satisfaction that comes from working hard and contacting people  5) that Fong can meet tomorrow night so that Brother Himmer can come and translate  6) for the Checketts coming to our lesson and testifying of the gospel  7) for the hamburger I ate for dinner
Today I learned that God keeps His promises to us, His children. He provided a way for our schedules to work out, for members to come to lessons, and He provided people for us to meet. As we did our part to work hard and diligently, He allowed us to meet those that need the gospel at this time. He always fulfills His part of the promise. I love Him.
August 6th:
I'm grateful for: 1) The service we did this morning. We helped put together cauliflower, onions, potatoes, and apples at the Round Rock food pantry. My hands are so sore from untying the sacks, but it was so awesome! I lifted all the onions and took charge of them, and the coordinator Marilyn called me "Onion Girl". Haha. I definitely had to shower after.  2)Sister Slaughter caring so much about each missionary  3)Alfonso leaving a note to say he couldnt meet. It was super thoughtful. 4) #RONROK on the whiteboard in the car. 5)Brother Himmer coming to Fong's lesson to help translate.
Today I learned that people who cannot understand the gospel or are not quite ready still deserve our best love and service. Often times, that's exactly how they will come to understand.
August 7th: 
Truly a crazy day, but full of so many miracles. I'm grateful for: 1) the fact that we finally found a U-Haul after searching and searching for one so we could get a hitch on our new car for our bike rack 2) That the lady at the hotel we stopped at was so nice and printed out directions for us 3)Sister Storms' prescriptions for allergies going from $156 to $76 because of a paper the doctor had given us  4) french toast for dinner  5)discovering the Gospel Library in Cantonese for Fong  5) Meeting with Barbara and Israel tonight. They have such great questions  6)getting an awesome letter from Dad today
Today  I learned that the Lord answers prayers and is so mindful of every single detail of our lives, whether it's the big things or the little things, He loves us and cares about what matters to us.
August 8th:
I'm grateful for: 1) The stake missionary breakfast at President Romero's and the dog that wasn't his that ran into the house as we went inside. Hahaha. 2)the fact that I'm actually understanding the war chapters from Alma in the Book of Mormon, and it's SO good  3)The Limbs and their love for the gospel and the great member missionaries they are.
Today I learned about perseverance. It was so hot, and we were exhausted and pretty hungry , but as we kept working and stayed on track, we were so blessed. The Limbs gave us a super solid referral and we had a great day. As we give what we have to pay the price, we are extremely blessed for it, either immediately or sometime in the future. When we're patient, the Lord gives us success.  
Okay, one last thing I learned from my studies. I've been reading in Alma 47-50 in the Book of Mormon this past week, about Captain Moroni and how as he and the other Nephites were obedient, the Lord protected them against the Lamanites, who were very wicked at the time. There was one scripture that I really loved. It is Alma 48:7. At this time, the wicked Lamanite king Amalickiah has been killing and lying to gain power, and Moroni has been following good and defending his freedoms. The verse says this: "Now it came to pass that while Amalickiah had thus been obtaining power by fraud and deceit, Moroni, on the other hand, had been preparing the minds of the people to be faithful unto the Lord their God."   The first thing I thought was that Moroni is a great leader. And as I thought more about the verse, I thought about what the world is trying to teach us, versus what we're trying to teach the world. Lots of influences in the world, all through Satan, would have us believe that it doesn't matter what we do or say, as long as we feel happy. The sad thing is, it's not true or lasting happiness. Heavenly Father has us know that being faithful to God and following Christ is what will bring us true and lasting happiness. There is simply no substitution.  The words of the Savior in John 16:33 sum it up so well: "These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world."
I love y'all.
Sister Snyder

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