Sunday, June 14, 2015

Transfer 5 in Garden Ridge :) (from May 25)

Hi everyone!!

We have had a fantastic week here and we have been so blessed to be teaching a few families. That's the ultimate. Also we got transfer calls last night! Everyone in the ward was pretty positive that I was leaving because it's been 6 months here, but jokes, I'm staying another transfer here! Haha hooray! I love Garden Ridge. So that will be a total of 7 1/2 months here. I might as well just become a permanent resident. We had some crazy weather on Saturday. We got completely soaked Saturday afternoon, and it was like we were walking through rivers. We had to walk  our bikes to our appointments. Then Saturday night it poured BUCKETS of rain and there was a tornado warning. Good times! 

We had an awesome meeting this past week where we were blessed to hear from two members of the Seventy. This was kind of kickoff meeting for getting iPads, but we hardly discussed the actual iPads themselves. We talked a lot about the why behind iPads, and about how to protect ourselves and use them effectively. It was an awesome meeting. The thing that was stressed over and over again was that this isn't really about getting iPads now or having technology now at all. It's about preparing ourselves for the rest of our lives. The Lord is allowing us to learn good habits now, so that when we return home, we know how to use technology in the very best ways. We'll know how to continue our missionary work, to strengthen people, etc. by using our technology. It's amazing. The other thing they talked a lot about was how much this will bless our future families. Imagine children growing up in a home where they know how to use social media and the internet in a way that will lift and encourage others to be better and be more faithful. It was an awesome meeting and we're excited to get going with using our iPads soon!

Like I said we've been meeting with some amazing families, and it's so exciting. Seriously families are the best. Work is progressing well, and Sister Scott and I are excited to stay here another transfer and see the miracles that will happen! I love the people here and the ward and ahhhh i'm just really grateful to be staying.

Sorry this is getting long, but there's one more thing I want to share with y'all. First, I can't tell y'all enough how much i love being a fulltime missionary. My purpose is to simply help and invite, and it's the absolute greatest thing I have been a part of. I have learned SO, soooo much during the past ten months, and I've learned what really matters in life. I promise you that God knows us, because He created us. The Savior knows us and loves us, because He willingly gave Himself for us, and He suffered through it all out of pure love. He lives today. And I've gained a greater knowledge of the Holy Ghost as the Comforter. Being able to live the gospel and have an eternal perspective is having the Spirit with us.

 I was reading President Eyring's talk from the General Women's session yesterday, called "The Comforter". Please read it! It's incredible. In it, he says that "We lighten the loads of others best by helping the Lord strengthen them." We help others the most as we strengthen their faith in the Lord. What a blessing for both ends. And then what the talk ends with is so great. We read in 1 Corinthians that "charity never faileth." We also read in Moroni that "charity is the pure love of Christ." So then, we know that the pure love of Christ never faileth. That right there is what it's all about. That love, foregivness, and compassion will never fail anyone, no matter what.

I love y'all so much and hope you have the happiest Memorial day and the happiest week!

Love, Sister Snyder

p.s. i'll send pics next week :)

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