Monday, April 20, 2015

"We are not casual in our faith." - April 6

HELLO! I hope all is well wherever you may be and I hope you had a fantastic Easter!
We have had a wonderful week here in Garden Ridge and the definite highlight of this week occurred over the past 2 days.

WOW wow wow General Conference was INCREDIBLE, life changing, and full of so much love. I hope everyone had the opportunity to hear the Lord's servants speak to us, because it was too good and so needed. We watched conference at our church building, and there were at most probably 10 people there during each session. We were able to make conference our whole focus as there were no distractions present, and it was amazing. I wish I could share with y'all just how much it meant and everything I learned and re-learned, but that would take forever and I can't correctly convey just how much gratitude and love I feel for everything, but I will share a few of my favorite things!
-I love that as Sister Wixom shared the story about the woman she knew, she said "What I focus on expands inside of me." So, so true. I feel like that's what happened this weekend. As my focus was on hearing the words of God and on our Savior, I could feel it expand within me. The things that I've heard before grew and I came to understand so much more. And what a great principle for all parts of our lives. Our focus grows within us, and that's what we become.
-Saturday afternoon the three Seventies that spoke in a row, ,Elder Andersen, Elder Renlund, and Elder Ringwood gave such good and comforting talks. Those are definitely ones to read again and again. I loved Elder Ringwood's story and how he said that "the service that matters most is usually noticed by God alone". The titles and callings fall away, and God will know if we are true disciples of Christ who serve everyone and love unconditionally.
-The subject line is from Elder Andersen and it says enough.

-The last one I'll share is from Elder Pearson during the Sunday afternoon session. He talked about enduring to the end and how to constantly come unto Christ. He shared a brief story about how when he was called as a mission president it was very unexpected, and the company for which he worked was upset that he was leaving. They questioned when and why he had made this decision. I LOVE his response. He said, "I made that decision when I went to the temple as a nineteen-year-old boy. I built my entire life on those covenants, and I will continue to." That is the purpose of it all. Loving, living, and learning the gospel and building our lives on it every single day. Once the decision is made, stay true to it. That decision will influence every part of our lives.
I love this gospel with everything in me. Jesus Christ is our Savior, and He lives because He and the Father love us. Everything in this life is because He lives. I know it all to be true. And I know that 185 years ago today, Christ's true church was once again established on the earth with the proper authority from God. Our living prophet has that authority and leads us and guides us in these days. And because of all of this, we will live in eternity with our families, our Heavenly Father, and our Savior. There will be nothing greater than that.
I love all of you so very much!
Sister Snyder
Here are some pictures from dinner last night with the McDaniels! We were watching them shoot some cans in their backyard, then they came at us from behind with confetti eggs! So fun! :)

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