Monday, April 20, 2015

Transfers, The Trainee, and The Croucher

Hello y'all!!!
Wowie wow we have had such a busy and good week with transfers and everything! We packed up Sister Reece (not her literally, just her stuff. Although she did make a 5-year-old cry this week by saying that she would pack him in her suitcase take him home with her), we had a wonderful farewell dinner for her at Freddy's with some of our amazing ward members, we taught some good lessons, then it was transfers.
There were only like 6 new missionaries that came in, and only 2 sisters, so as soon as they entered the room I knew who was mine. My wonderful new companion is Sister Scott from Las Vegas. Hoorah. She is such a good missionary and a hard worker! We get along so great and she's very funny and sneaky in a good way and we're going to have a really great transfer!
I really, truly believe that the Lord knows each one of us and our needs, because training a new sister is the best thing I could be doing right now. I feel like that missionary fire within me has started blazing again. And not that it was ever diminishing or anything, but there's just something about the faith and expectations of a new missionary that take you back to the very basics of the gospel and missonary work and obedience and it's just been awesome. I hope at least some of that made sense. Haha.
We taught some awesome lessons this week and we are meeting with the sweetest people around. Palma is just so adorable and we are thrilled to get to see her again tonight. We're hoping to set her with a baptism date. So that's fun!
On Sister Scott's first night we had the funniest experience. We stopped by the house of this potential to see their sons. So we knocked and the dog barked, then stopped. So we rang the doorbell. No answer. So we start to walk away and we glance back and through the open blinds we could see one of the guys holding his dog's mouth shut and crouching down behind his couch. Hahahaha so funny. Such a good first day experience for Sister Scott. Ah man.
Well I sure do love y'all. I was reading through my old study journal this last week at something President Slaughter said and I love it, and it honestly applies to every one, not just missionaries. He said, "We are not here to obey rules. We're here to be faithful to God." Amen. This life is not about checking off the list of things we need to do, or if we went to church or the temple, or what commandments we're keeping because we're supposed to. This is all about being faithful to our Father in Heaven and His Son. What is the true motive behind these things we do? We need to be doing these things because we love them enough and we want to dedicate our lives to building up the kingdom of God on the earth today. We truly are here to be faithful to God, and serve Him out of a sincere desire and out of sincere love. This is definitely something I've been thinking about and working on.
The gospel is true y'all. So, so true, and so, so perfect.
I love y'all tons.
Love always,
Sister Snyder

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