Sunday, February 8, 2015

the greatest week ever

heyoo everyone! Happy February! This week was just way too good and fun. I didn't have time to email last week, sorry, but I'm still in Garden Ridge and my new companion's name is Sister Reece and she is the greatest and funniest person around. She has an incredibly strong testimony and is a great teacher. We have waaay too much fun together and I love her! I'll send some pictures of us.
So I just need to tell y'all the great things that have happened so bear with me if this email gets crazy long!
Last Monday we were at a member family's house for FHE, and for some reason we were talking about food and I said how badly I wanted pizza because it's been a while, like 2 months. So the sweet father disappears and comes back with 2 hot pizzas for us. I seriously don't deserve these people, everything they do for us is SO kind and loving! This ward is incredible, and mom and dad, hope you don't mind, but I tell everyone that when I get home they should come visit Utah and stay with us! Haha. 
We did some awesome biking this week! In the middle of the week the weather started to get hot, like in the 90s, and I thought, oh no, not yet! But jokes! It got a bit chilly again. So we were biking down this road and the sidewalk ends, so we have to bike through like grass and rocks under these trees, and we were just making our way along when all of a sudden I saw this huge hole in front of me, so I braked really fast. It seriously looked like a trap someone had made and halfway covered with branches. Hahaha we laughed at the thought of me falling into it. Oh man good times. 
So the work here is progressing and we've been able to meet with more part member families, which is awesome! We've also been visiting former investigators and have a had a few lessons with one guy, so we're excited about that! Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. I love getting to meet so many people and share the gospel with them. We did some good knocking last week and have return appointments set for this week. The Lord is definitely blessing us and helping us find those prepared people.
So the greatest thing ever happened on Saturday, and it's called Elder Russell M. Nelson visited our mission! Hooray! We had a mission meeting with him from 3:30 to 5:30, and Elder Foster and Elder Wright of the second and sixth quorums of the Seventy spoke also. It was so awesome. Elder Nelson is the sweetest thing around, and he took the time to shake each of our hands. That's 256 missionaries. Haha. The main thing he emphasized to us was that through the Lord, unlikely things are possible, as long as we do our very best. We read from Exodus 3:11-14, and talked about how part of it means "I am becoming what I will become", which I absolutely love. 
He also talked a lot about family history and how there are people's ancestors on the other side of the veil praying for us as missionaries and members to succeed in teaching so that their work can finally be done through those we teach. Very cool thought, and absolutely true. He told us how thankful he was for our mothers and fathers and brother and sisters. And he told us that nothing will ever be of greater importance than serving the Lord full time, which I cannot testify of enough. We learned so much from Elder Nelson, and he carries an amazing spirit with him. He truly is an apostle of the Lord, and it was such a blessing for him to address us. Such a good day! :)
I love y'all and hope y'all have a wonderful week!!
Sister Snyder

Me and Sister Reece!!! :)

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