Saturday, February 14, 2015

the greatest week ever

every week is the greatest week ever when you're sharing the good word. just saying.

hi everyone! i hope y'all are doing well!

This last week was seriously sooo good. We met some amazing people and did some sick biking and knocking. it was the best. and I have the best companion around. We've been working on our Spanish and in interviews with President this week we hope to convince him to change us to Spanish speakers. Haha. 

Something funny from this week. We were eating tostadas at a family's house on Tuesday, and I'm holding mine up ready to take a bite. Then their dog came in and yelped SO loud, and for some reason it scared me so bad that I jumped and my tostada flew through the air and landed on their floor. Hahaha. Sister Reece just stared at me and started laughing. Haha it was too great.

We had so much fun knocking and biking around this past week, and we have some good return appointments planned for this week and we can't wait! We met this really sweet lady named Karen who immediately let us in when we knocked, it was like she was expecting us. the only scary thing were the 4 pitbulls jumping on us. haha. but we started teaching her, and she has the very best insights and has such strong faith. She even came to church yesterday! We were so happy! She does have some concerns, but we're so excited to keep meeting with her. 
There are seriously the greatest people here! We have been so blessed to find new people to teach, and I can't wait to find more this week!  We were also able to see all of our recent converts, and I just adore all of them! They have the strongest testimonies and are so dedicated to their faith. Seriously it's amazing to see and it strengthens my own testimony of the gospel. They all thank us over and over and it's so humbling because we've done nothing. It's all our Savior and them choosing to accept the gospel. I love it.  

This week we studied and taught the Plan of Salvation more than anything, and it was so good to focus on that. It really is the most perfect plan, and it could not be accomplished without our Savior. He and Heavenly Father truly love us more than we can comprehend. We lived in their presence before we came here, and we were given our agency and allowed to choose what we want to do. We're not forced to follow the Savior or repent, we're given the choice to. The choice is always ours, but nothing will ever bring us more happiness and joy than embracing Jesus Christ as our Redeemer. That I know without a doubt. I would invite all of you to watch or listen to Elder Holland's conference talk from October 2012 called The First Great Commandment.The gospel of Jesus Christ is true, and it is eternal. 

I love y'all so much and hope you have a wonderful week! 

Love, Sister Snyder

This picture is out at Brother Betancourt's ranch with one of his horses. Dreamy for me!

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