Thursday, January 22, 2015

everything is awesome

Hello Everyone! I have had such a great week and it flew by so fast! We had zone conference, transfer calls, and some good appointments and a true miracle (too late for a Christmas miracle? Never!) at church yesterday!
As far as transfers go, I am staying here in Garden Ridge and Sister Farmer will be leaving :( We were kind of expecting it though because she's been here for 6 months now. But still it's so sad but I'm excited to be staying in this area! I love it here!
On Thursday(Happy birthday mom!) we had zone conference in Bulverde out in the Hill Country which is always fun because it's nice and rural and because Zone Conferences are the best! Our big focus was on finding by faith, planning better, and working better with members. President Slaughter told us that they would be shoving our brains full of as much information as possible, which they did. Haha. We always leave wondering how in the world we can apply all of it, but we're able to and we learn the absolute best things. We talked about the vision we have for ourselves and our areas, and about what the true desires of our hearts are, and how that's what our goals should be based off of. I seriously love my mission and everything we talked about was so perfect and answered all questions I have had on my mind lately. Sister Slaughter wasn't there, but when we all got up to stretch President had us do 3 calf raises for her because that's the stretch she always tells us to do. Hahaha. So great.
This week we have been incredibly blessed to meet with a lot of people, including a lot of part member families and potential investigators. We have a lot of return appointments set for this week and we're so excited! We're going on splits tomorrow night to be able to see everyone so that will be fun! We were also able to meet a few times with a recent convert and he will be going to the temple next month! He is so strong in the gospel and loves God and gives his everything to serve. We went out to his house and guess what?! He lives on a ranch and has like 10 horses and it's the best. Haha. Texas.
I'm just loving life and enjoying Texas, the people, and the work. It truly does not get any better than this. The gospel of Jesus Christ is it. It is the only way to be truly happy and how lucky are we to get to know it and to get to share it with others? The work of salvation is the work of the whole church, and the Lord is preparing people for everyone to teach, it's a promise. 
I love all y'all and hope you have a blessed week! 
Sister Snyder
Here is a picture of my sweet companion and I right now, emailing :)

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