Sunday, October 25, 2015

Hi y'all!!

hello!!! how is eveyrone doing? Life is so, so good!! 
I want to share a quote that Sister Bateman shared this week from President Eyring: "Whoever you are, and wherever you may be, you hold in your hands the happiness of more people than you can imagine." There is so much we can choose to do!
There is always so much that happens in one short week, and it just shows time and time again that the Lord fulfills His promises and this work is moving forward "boldly, nobly, and independent." I can feel it each day as we study and prepare, and as we go out and work. The Restoration of the gospel continues to happen today, it is being restored to those who knew it once before in their life before this one, and they are again coming to know it. I see it every single day, and it has changed me. Every single person needs to hear what we have been blessed to partake of already!
We had MLC in San Antonio on Tuesday and talked a lot about faith and working with members and the Sabbath day! It was so good! I get to give some trainings this week about some of the things we learned and I'm so excited! I love the Slaughters so much. Everything President and Sister Slaughter tell us I just love. I am grateful to have them as my leaders here. I learn so much everytime I hear from them.
At MLC we also found out that the whole mission has to cut back a lot on miles for the cars, so now we basically just drive into our area and bike or get rides, and we have seen miracles from it! There are so many people to talk to and see and it has been such a blessing!
Tomorrow we are going on exchanges with Pflugerville, and I am so thrilled because I get to go there with Sister Reece!! It's always the best to go on exchanges with old companions!  I'll be sure to take some pictures!  
Funny story from this week. So Brother Johnston in our ward puts up the lights that flash to music for Halloween and Christmas, and he goes all out. Each year the missionaries help him put up lights. So after district meeting on Wednesday, we went over there and helped him. Then we continued on with our day. That evening, we parked again outside of his house and then biked from there. Then the next evening, we happened to park there again, then biked/walked. We had members take us to our coordination meeting that night, and it ran late, but we made it back to our car and Brother Johnston was outside on the phone. And he came over and asked where we had been and told us that he thought we had gone missing and he was worried! He had called a bunch of missionaries in the surrounding areas because he thought our car had been parked there for 2 days straight! Hahaha. So our zone leaders called us concerned about where we were and all that. It was pretty funny. We were just at our meeting. Good times. I'm glad we have a ward that is so concerned about us!
I want to share some of our best experiences from this week:
Last Monday we received a message from that young man named Tyler that we have talked to a few times and who has been to church at another ward. He's still a bit hesitant to meet with missionaries because he likes moving at his own pace, but he texted us and told us that he knows that the Book of Mormon is true and that he feels the spirit as he reads! He also watched general conference and loved President Monson's talk! It is incredible to see someone who is truly proving to us that they are prepared. And it also shows the power of the invitation. It took his friends inviting him a few times, but he finally attended church, and loved it. And now he continues to progress. I love it!

This week we received some referrals that we were able to meet with. The first one was a woman named Janice, who was a headquarters referral and she asked for a copy of the Bible. We hadn't been able to contact since we first received the referral, but on Saturday she answered the phone and we were able to deliver her Bible to her. She has been going through some hard times lately, and we were able to talk with her about the gospel and the priesthood, and she wanted a blessing, so some elders came over and gave her a blessing. She said after that she felt the power of it and could tell that there was something there. We're excited to meet with her again on Wednesday.

Our next referral was a man named Siddarth that we received from headquarters and he requested a Book of Mormon. We went over there on Saturday night with a member to deliver it and meet with him, and it was such a good visit! Sid recently moved in from Dubai and is from India. We asked him how he knew about the Church, and he told us that his son who goes to Penn State recently got baptized into our church and is dating an LDS girl! He said he was interested to find out if it was right. He asked great questions and was eager to read the Book of Mormon. He said, "You'll have to give me some time to read it all. At least 10-15 days." Hahaha. It was so awesome! We can't wait to meet with him again on Thursday! Our bishop lived in India for a few years, so that will be great fellowship!
President Slaughter has assigned us to study the topic of blessings and healings and this morning I was studying a talk from Elder Richard G. Scott called "To Be Healed" (April 1994 Conference). It is such a beautiful topic to study. He talks about how not everything we struggle with will be resolved here on earth, and that sometimes we are to learn to be cured and sometimes, we are to learn to obtain strength to endure challenges. Then comes the part I love---"In either case, the Redeemer will support you." Christ is there for us through it all, no matter what, all the time. He may not be able to heal or cure us in the way we wish, but sometimes he cures our impatience or lack of faith so that we can endure the challenges. No matter the case, He will always support us, because He loves us. As we do our part to come unto Him, to seek His help, we will feel that love. I know that without a doubt.
I love you all so very much and pray for you! Have a wonderful week!
Love always,
Sister Snyder
Here's a picture of all of the sisters at MLC on Tuesday :)

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