Sunday, July 26, 2015

sorry this will be short!

hi sweet family and friends!
this will be short, maybe i'll find time to write more later!
but we have had such a great week! i am so grateful to be where i am right now. New Hope is an answer to prayers, and it is exactly where we need to be right now. We can feel that every single day as we go out to work. 
On Saturday morning we had a breakfast for all of the missionaries at the stake president's house and talked about missionary work and working within the different wards and ward councils. Great ideas were shared and we learned a lot. But my favorite part of it was when one of the ward mission leaders there gave the closing remarks and he talked about this time in our lives as missionaries, and how important and special it is. We need to be waking up so excited for our day, because we get to dedicate it fully to the Lord and others. We're here to change others and change ourselves. And we're here to help others apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in their lives. That really got me thinking about how to share that with others, and what the difference really is. In Texas, almost everyone is Christian and goes to a church. That's just how it is here. As we go about meeting people and inviting them to hear our message, it can be hard because they already have Christ in their lives. So I was thinking about what the difference really is. And in very simple form, I think it's this:
Our message is not just that Christ lived. It's that Christ liveswe live because of His Atonement, and His gospel lives TODAY.
There is nothing that can or will ever change that, and how incredible is that? What a loving God we have, and a loving Savior. They both live, we live, and Their teachings provide love, light, and happiness to our families and our lives. 
Joseph Smith said that the gospel would go forth "boldly, nobly, and independent", and it is. It really is the only way, and I'm so glad it is, because it's such a loving and happy way. If you do not yet know it, or are feeling it slip, or need that strength(because we all do!), turn to the Book of Mormon and to prayer. Talk with our loving Father who wants nothing more than to hear from us. Find answers in the words of God. I promise you that answers will come!
I know this work is true and I absolutely love it!
Sister Snyder

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