Monday, November 9, 2015


Hello everyone!! 

My heart is grateful and filled as I think about the week that we had. I know that the Lord’s promise to always have His spirit with us is true, because I have felt the Spirit abundantly this week. I found myself reflecting on the changes that have occurred in me and those that we meet with, and I feel nothing but pure love and gratitude to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I have never felt so right. Even as I type this right now to you and as I think about the gospel and how it changes and blesses everyone, it is filling me with so much love. It’s hard to adequately express these feelings, but they are nothing but good. I am so grateful for every aspect of this life, and I am so grateful for my mission and who it has made me. I’m not ashamed of whom I used to be, but I am proud of and grateful for whom the Lord has made me to be.

 Our investigator Marcela is doing amazing! She is all set and ready for her baptism this Saturday, the 14th. I have never seen someone so willing to change her life to align it with God’s teachings as much as she has. Anything that comes up, she asks, we answer, and she adjusts. Her humility and ability to be teachable is inspiring to me. She is so thrilled to be baptized. We were able to meet her husband and daughter on Saturday for lunch, and we love them so much!  They are the kindest people and we know that as they see Marcela’s example that their hearts will be softened. . I love her so much, and I recognize that the Lord prepared her so well for the gospel at this time. The Spirit touches her heart as she studies and reads and she knows it’s true.

I have to update you on the newly reactivated member we have been working with, Sister Amidon. Her change and progression has continued and she has gained so much strength in so many aspects of her life! We had a visit with her the other night, and her testimony is so powerful. She is living proof of the power of the Book of Mormon. We did absolutely nothing to help her change. All it took was a simple invitation to begin reading and praying again, and the Spirit taught her and filled her as her focus turned to God. It is amazing and humbling to witness the change it brings in someone in just a few months. She was talking about that change and how when she first went away, she was looking for something else. Then she said something I love, “The grass isn’t greener on the other side, it’s greener where you water it.” There is no need to search for something more, because this gospel is what brings the most happiness. And when we “water” where we are, we will grow greener and greener. It’s incredibly humbling to have such a lovely person thank us for being the missionaries she needed. She told us that she needed us specifically and although we didn’t baptize a family together, that we forever changed hers and that they will be baptized when they are old enough. It makes me want to cry just thinking about that moment. I have been very humbled.

Another huge blessing this week has been being able to work with Hermana Boren as we double cover Palm Valley and New Hope. First of all, Hermana Boren is incredible. She has had quite the transfer, but she is so dedicated and loves this work so much, and she is holding everything together so well. I love working in the Spanish area. I don’t speak much Spanish at all, but the Spirit is so strong. On Saturday night after a lesson, Sister Boren asked us, “Can you still feel the Spirit even though you don’t understand what’s being said?”. And I told her that it is so tangible and real. It is the universal teacher and comforter and there is power behind that. No, I don’t know what is being said all of the time, but I can feel the truth of what is being spoken and that right there is all we need. Another neat experience was on Friday night when we attended the primary program practice for Palm Valley since Sister Boren is leading the music. We were sending emails and updating our area book and listening to the music, and when the children and adults started to sing “A Childs Prayer”. The spirit was so strong and warm and I thought about every person in that room as a child of God. It was easy to picture them standing next to Christ, and my love for each of them grew. I’m so grateful for experiences like that that allow us to increase our capacity to love and serve others.

Sister Storms is amazing. She has changed my life. I have learned and grown more than I 
thought possible during these last three transfers, and I owe so much of that to her. I know that companionships are inspired of the Lord, because Sister Storms is more than what I needed. I have found one of my best friends in her, and she continues to strengthen me. Her boldness and unshaken testimony have inspired me to reach higher and work harder. She is going to continue to do amazing things in life. Her testimony and drive to share it with others will continue to bless everyone around her. I am forever grateful for her and the impact she has had on me and those that we have been blessed to teach together. I’m sad to see her go, but so grateful for every day that we had to be united as a companionship, as servants of the Lord, and proclaim the gospel. We had so much fun along the way, and my heart is full. I'll be sure to let y'all know what happens this week with transfers!

In my scriptures, I keep my patriarchal blessing with a sticky note on top quoting Alma 5:26, “Can ye feel so now?”  On the back of this sticky note, I write some of the most incredible experiences I have had on my mission. I was looking at that the other day, and I am grateful to say that yes, I do feel so now. I feel to sing the song of redeeming love every single day for the rest of my life. I feel so as I read the scriptures, I feel so as I pray, I feel so as I study with my companion, I feel so as I testify to others that the gospel has been restored and that we have a living prophet. I can feel so now and I will feel so forever. My heart has been changed and I will always sing the song of redeeming love. I love the Lord.

I love y'all so much and hope that you have a wonderful week!

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