Tuesday, March 10, 2015

greatest week ever

Hi y'all! This week was really good! We had some of the very funniest times yet, and I learned so, so much.

Sorry I didn't send an email last week! Transfers were on Thursday and Sister Reece and I are staying in the lovely Garden Ridge and we're so excited about it! We have lots of work to do here and we can't wait to find those families and people that the Lord has prepared for us to find.

So on Tuesday Sister Reece had a doctor's appointment for an ingrown toenail. It was pretty fun because we had to drive all the way through my last area to get there, so that was fun. So we get there, fill out the paperwork, and then go back, we wait a while, then they numb her, then the doctor and nurse come back and start the procedure. I'm just in there watching this all. Normally I'm totally fine with this stuff and blood and all that doesn't bother me. But as i was watching them cut her toe open and shove wood sticks in there and do all sorts of stuff, I started to feel a little sick. I finally couldn't take it anymore, and I stood up to get some water. At the same time, the other sisters called. I remember answering the phone, walking to the door, and then everything started going black and then...I was asleep. I woke up on the floor with a pillow under my head. I realized I had passed out. HAHAHA. I sat up and Sister Reece is just sitting up there with a bloody toe, laughing. Hahahaah oh man it was the funniest thing ever. The doctor had grabbed me and helped me to the floor, so I was fine, just so ashamed of myself. hahaha oh man we're still laughing about it all! So we laid there for a second, made sure everyone was good, then we headed home. haha. so that was exciting. so we had to stay home for a few days while she recovered, which is torture for a missionary. but our ward took such good care of us. 

This week I've been studying using the scriptures in teaching, and in life in general. There's a section on this in PMG pages 180-182, and it's great. There's a scripture it references, Alma 31:5. It says that the words written, or the scriptures, have a more powerful effect than the sword. Think about that. The words found in our scriptures are much more powerful than any human or physical thing. The scriptures change lives. They guide us, they protect us, they offer us answers that simply cannot be found anywhere else in this world. God's perfect, unchanging plan is clear through the scriptures. The Atonement of Jesus Christ is made known through the scriptures. They mean so much, so please, please keep reading and keep looking for the things you need. Your answers will come, and you will feel of Heavenly Father's love for you. I know that, because I have experienced it. This gospel is the most beautiful, yet most simple thing there is, and it is true. I know that without a single doubt. 

I love y'all tons and hope you have a wonderful week!!


Sister Snyder

p.s. here's a picture of me and Sister Reece during morning studies, and a picture of my district. :)

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