Sunday, October 19, 2014

happy monday!

hello everyone!! I hope y'all are having a great monday! i know that I am. 

this week was a great one. my sweet investigator from Ukraine was interviewed for baptism and is getting baptized this friday! we are so excited and she is too, so i'll send some pictures of that next week!

This week we were able to teach some really good lessons. The father and son we're teaching are progressing so well, and the son said that he took his Book of Mormon to school to talk to others about it. Haha. He's so awesome. 

My lovely companions and I continue to have a great time together, and my companions are like magnets for every stray cat in San Antonio. Haha. it's ridiculous. but we're doing great and biking like champs! 

This week we had zone conference which is always so good. The big topics we discussed were setting and achieving goals and helping others as much as we can. The thing that I gained the most from was when we discussed that success is determined by attitude. We can't get so caught up on the little things and in our own pride that we fail to help others or be happy. It's just not worth it.

Another thing I've been thinking about is how blessed I am. When I first started my mission, I had the thought process that this was something I really wanted to do, that I wanted to help others, and that it was the least I could do to repay Heavenly Father for the endless blessings I have been given, the gospel being the greatest. But I was talking to someone or reading something (can't remember!) that really made me realize something that is absolutely true. There is no way that by serving in the TSAM  I'm fulfilling a payment to Heavenly Father. Yes, I'm doing his work, but I cannot repay him for what i have because i have never felt more blessed than I do now. If anything, I feel like I owe more. It's the greatest thing, and it's the whole point. I thought I would be giving back, but instead I'm gaining even more. It just makes me even more grateful. Each day I'm given new people to talk to, more lessons to teach, and I get to see other people's lives change. I'm the one that continues to be blessed through all of this. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ truly did everything for us, and they will always  bless us if we do what we're asked. 

This past week I also read Joseph Smith History, and I challenge y'all to read it again and to really think about the Joseph Smith story and what happened. It's incredible. 

Sorry if this was scattered and short. I love you all and hope everything is going great for everyone. Have a great week!

-Sister Snyder 

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