Friday, September 19, 2014

Pepper Challenge, Zone Meeting, and Transfer Calls

Hello friends and family! I hope that you have all had a fabulous week like I did! Instead of writing out what I did each day, I just wanted to tell y'all about some fun things I did and some amazing things I learned.

First lets start with the pepper challenge. Remember when I first got here and said that a family in the ward always makes the new missionaries eat the Ghost Chili? well i didn't make it over there until this last week. We had a really great dinner, then it was time for me to eat the pepper! It's the 3rd hottest pepper in the world, and I ate like 1/4 of it. They film the whole thing and their kids sat there fanning me. Hahaha. They counted down as i chewed for 20 seconds, then i had to swallow, and it was the worst/funniest/i dont even know what feeling! haha. SO HOT. my eyes watered, I was sweating, and i just kept drinking milk and eating ice cream! after like 15 minutes, it started to wear off. ah man, good times! hopefully i can attach some of those pics. the whole time sister stidham was laughing at me haha! so much fun! 

Another fun thing was that our sweet investigator from the Ukraine came to church yesterday! We totally didn't expect it and her baptism date for october 10th is still on! she LOVED church and is making good friends with all of the Relief Society women. Hooray! Also, Sister Stidham and I taught young women's about how what we say affects us and those around us. So think about that and use kind words and tones! Watch the video called "Bullying--Stop It" that the church made, it's really good! Also, she wanted me to ask my friends and family to please pray for Ukraine, that they will have peace.

Last night we had transfer calls!! We knew that a third missionary would be coming into our area because the elders dropped off another bed earlier this week, but we didn't know our fate. So last night one of the APs called and said that we were both staying, and that we'll be training a brand new missionary! Yay! So we're really excited about that! Transfer meeting is on thursday, so we'll meet her then and then get going! I'm super happy I'm staying in Castle Hills. I love it so much here!

Another thing that really hit me hard this week was my purpose. I'm finally in a really set routine as a missionary and it's just what I do, and i just really love having such a strong and life changing purpose. Our missionary purpose for our mission starts with "I have been called of Jesus Christ through inspiration to serve in the Texas San Antonion Mission." I truly believe that, and it's so humbling. I'm so thankful for my calling as a disciple of the Lord. "I have been called of Him, to declare His word, among His people, that they might have everlasting life." (3 Nephi 5:13) 

I just wanted to tell y'all that I firmly believe in this gospel of Jesus Christ. I know without a single doubt that He knows each of us by name, He sacrificed Himself for each of us, and it is through following His gospel and commandments that we will return to the presence of our Heavenly Father to live with our families eternally. It is the greatest blessing we ever have and ever will be given. Don't ever forget it, and keep working hard to serve others and be like Christ. I'm beyond grateful to be serving in the TSAM, and I seriously love every second of it. I can honestly now say that there is nowhere else i would rather be than here. 

I love y'all so much and wish you the very best, happiest week!

Love always,

Sister Snyder

              Here's the pepper challenge! Haha. This family is the best, and their kids were fanning me the whole time!

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